Checksum Thing

Check your thing, check anything.

Check something with Checksum Thing.

Calculates the checksum/digest values of files
  • Written purely in Swift and SwiftUI for macOS 11 and later
  • Easily accessible from the menu bar; can automatically launch at login
  • Designed for efficiency; multithreaded, with low memory footprint
  • Leverages hardware acceleration for cryptography on supported platforms
  • Supports drag/drop operations on the main window to invoke processing
  • Calculates values for MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA384 and SHA512
  • Right click to view the checksum value, click again to copy to clipboard
  • More than one algorithm can be concurrently enabled/active
  • Adding a folder will process all files in the folder
  • Can optionally monitor/watch folders to trigger calculations automatically
  • Fully sandboxed macOS application with minimal permissions
  • Provides optional audio notifications to confirm processing is complete
  • Universal binary for Intel x64 and Apple Silicon architectures
  • No adverts, tracking, calling home, or other privacy violations

Only leverages two third-party Swift packages: SwiftyBeaver, Apple Collections